Collaborative Business Relationship Management


Course Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between the technical and adaptive issues involved in teaming arrangements
  • Formulate a framework for thinking about teaming and exporting
  • Engage effectively with other businesses that wish to pursue a teaming and/or export strategy

In module 4, we look at collaborative business relationship management – embedding the ideas we have developed in your company. We use ISO 44001 as a framework – a tried and tested outline for success.

Course presented by

David Pender

David Pender

Teaming Specialist

David is the Principal of Knowledge Perspectives and a Senior Lecturer at the Adelaide Business School. He has spent 16 years examining interfirm teaming arrangements and what differentiates success from failure in alliances. Subjects have ranged from very large organisations in the space and defence sectors to SMEs and research agencies in a multitude of industries. He brings a unique, practical perspective to Team.eX with an in-depth understanding of the opportunities, options and obstacles teaming presents in a rapidly changing environment. 

Emilio de Stefano

Emilio De Stefano

General Manager

Emilio De Stefano is the Team.eX General Manager. A Chartered Professional Engineer, Emilio’s defence industry experience extends across 15 years, working for Prime Defence contractors and with many defence sector SMEs, both as an employee and a consultant. Having practiced in variety of engineering, project management and senior leadership roles, Emilio has developed an innate understanding of what it takes for an SME to succeed. He holds a Master of Engineering (Military Systems Integration), Bachelor of Electrical and Mechatronic Engineering (Hons) and a Bachelor of Management.